" Become a student of life, be interested in everything. Be a life sponge, soaking up, observing and
  recording anything and everything of interest. Develop an attitude where you never stop learning. "

  -- Walt Disney

" Much of what happens in our lives (notwithstanding those things outside our control)
  is determined by how we percieve things and whether or not we are successful in our endeavors is
  based on the accuracy of that perception.

  It boils down to searching for, finding and using, all the techniques and principles that exist in your
  life's experience.  That means, gathering what you can glean and use, and continually refining those

  Simply put, what we are all looking for is a system… a perspective if you will, that brings us
  the most prosperity, both on an individual basis, as well as a family and worldwide basis… "

  -- Michael M. Hall

" Now there is one outstanding important fact regarding spaceship earth, and that is that no
  instruction book came with it."

  -- Buckminster Fuller


Hello! and Welcome to Earth…

Let me start out by saying that while you are here, " we want to make you smarter and make your job of living on this planet, a little easier…"  Also, we hope this not only has positive changes for you personnally,  but for your family and friends ( your inner circle ) as well.

To do that, we have provided you with what we hope, will be very valuable information and principles, in this informative handbook, that you can always continue to review, and most importantly, learn to apply.

In ' Exercise Your Assets' we try to put the horse in front of the cart so to speak, and show you what is really valuable in terms of assets, both real and personal.  The focus is not on financial assets, but on your assets, to identify them and then 'exercise' them and use them to accomplish your goals.  You (and your Creator) are at the center of your Universe, along with your personal assets, and your ability to use them.

We have captured, written down and expanded a set of observations, principles and techniques, based on experience and understanding of life on this planet.  It isn't a complete solution, but is designed to make you think twice about what you are doing and how you are doing it and then take the time to test out these theories in the real world. 

In this handbook , we address the following main, basic challenges.

1. Your ability to maintain yourself, your family and friends and your surroundings.
2. Your ability to seek and make a 'profit' in the areas of health, wealth, wisdom & joy.
3. Your ability to do all the things you want to do.
4. Address the truth i.e. that you only have so much time.

We are all in a race against the clock.  The more we  learn, the more we increase our abilities, and more effeciently we use that most precious of assets: time.  One basic principle is: true wealth, lies within, and your ability to understand and develop your personal assets, determines how well you understand and develop the assets outside yourself in the real world. 

Our greatest hope is simply that the knowledge in this handbook, will give you a better understanding of life on this planet, and that in turn will increase your level of awareness and make your life easier.  If by doing that, we can give you a bit of an 'edge' in life, then our mission has been accomplished.

Thank you for your time ! and Enjoy the Journey !

mmhall / May 2008-2013

" Exercise Your Assets  "

How to
Improve your Personal Performance
in Life
Increase Your Odds for Success
A handbook
Written by:
Michael M. Hall
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